10 Best Bad Movies Since 2000

9. Leprechaun In The Hood

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Every Leprechaun movie tells the same story – some idiots accidentally unleash the title character, who then goes on a killing spree – so here the filmmakers attempt to freshen things up the way the old Scooby Doo cartoons did, by changing the locale.

Having been to Las Vegas and (why not?) into space, Leprechaun #5 goes where only the most desperate franchises dare tread – into da ghetto. The executives must’ve sat around saying, “How can we make a crap series even worse? By combining it with a crap urban movie!”

Ice-T shaves some points off his tough guy reputation by appearing as a pimp, but the image that’ll make you take a blowtorch to your retinas features Warwick Davis dancing on table and performing a rap (!) with the lyrics “I’m a wee green guy who’s new to town/ Show me what you do when you get down/ I’ll do you up, you go down/ We’ll cause a scene, you’ll love the green.”

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