10 Best Black & White Films Of The 21st Century (So Far)

9. C’mon C’mon (2021)

the lighthouse willem dafoe

Joaquin Phoenix stars as Johnny, a radio journalist that's traveling across the United States for work. During his travels, he has a phone call with his sister, Viv, who asks him to look after her son Jesse while she heads out of town. Johnny agrees and heads to Los Angeles to look after Jesse, and the two get along very well.

Viv is forced to stay away from home a bit longer, so Johnny gets permission to bring Jesse back with him to New York City. The two of them share many moments together; some are sweet and some are frustrating. It's a deeply personal film that does a fantastic job exploring how life is viewed differently through the eyes of adults and kids.

Director Mike Mills and cinematographer Robbie Ryan decided to shoot in black and white to create a sense that the story is like a fable, making it more timeless than it otherwise might have been.


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