10 Best British Films Of The Last Decade

From James Bond to Ken Loach.

skyfall daniel craig

The last decade has seen British cinema grow by leaps and bounds, to the point that more blockbusters than ever are now being shot or partially set there (at least until Brexit finally takes hold). So much for the U.K only putting out stuffy period dramas, right?

There are many varying definitions for what makes a British film, but for the sake of simplicity, this list will primarily focus on movies with British writers or directors, featuring largely British casts or settings, that were at least partially funded with British money.

These 10 films are without question the very best that U.K. cinema has put out over the last decade (our cut-off being September 2007), from classic entries into revered British franchises, to legendary filmmakers continuing to wow audiences with their new work, to electrifying new talents still on the rise.

From smaller art-house fare to colossal $200 million blockbusters, these movies represent the British film industry at its absolute finest, and have set a high benchmark for all others to follow...


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