10 Best British Horror Movies Since 2000

Just when you thought millenials were the scariest thing of all...

Shaun Of The Dead

Much like posh cheese, fine wine, and public transport discounts, horror films seem to only get better with age. You only need to take one look at '80s slashers and practical effect creature-features to see that the scares were just better back then, and I say that with the most fedora-tipping I-liked-it-before-it-was-cool undertone as possible. Vintage, baby.

However, it isn’t all bad when you come crashing back into the new millennium, with a handful of directors taking inspiration from the bad boys of the past and injecting Generation X with some mind-bending horror befitting ‘classic’ status. Skipping out on cliché and ramping up the gore, our very own land of hope and glory itself holds 10 perfect examples of how to make horror trendy again over the past 18 years.

Haunted teapots, royal families gone mad, and crumpets possessed by Satan himself - there’s none of those. But there is a whole bunch of blood, brains, and guts on offer with the Queen’s seal of approval.

10. Triangle (2009)

Shaun Of The Dead
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Whilst definitely not a perfect film, Triangle delivers a terrifying dose of déjà vu with each passing minute, sending the audience on a mysterious voyage to uncover the reality of a time loop out in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. A combination of the UK and Australia's best efforts, set in America, there's a bit of continental confusion when it comes to the film's national identity - but for all intents and purposes, it's a British film.

In truth, alongside its nationality, Triangle sometimes gets lost in its own plot, and there’s room for improvement across the board. However, its commitment to an original and enthralling storyline is to be commended. Groundhog Day with extra bite, the dizzying interlocking tendrils of Triangle are enough to earn it a solid spot in the top ten.


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