10 Best British Movies Of 2017

8. Prevenge

Dunkirk Movie

Most people take some time off when they're pregnant, in order to ensure they're as comfortable as possible when the baby arrives. That wasn't the case for Alice Lowe, star of Sightseers, who decided to do something rather different. While pregnant, Lowe came up with the idea for a film in which a mother-to-be is urged to carry out a killing spree by her malevolent unborn child. She then wrote, directed and starred in the film, while still pregnant herself.

Prevenge is a unique cinematic idea and Lowe executes it with darkly comedic aplomb. She's terrific as the woman at the centre of it all and the episodic structure, in which the protagonist kills off her victims while wearing an array of disguises, ensures the narrative keeps moving throughout.

It's a simple film, with much of the shooting taking place in guerrilla fashion on the streets of Cardiff over the course of a swift 11 days. The DIY feel of the movie only serves to enhance its darkly comic nightmare tone and it will definitely be the sort of film programmed as part of Halloween movie marathons for years to come.

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