10 Best CGI Moments In Star Wars History

9. Coruscant Night Chase - Attack Of The Clones (Episode II)

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Moff Tarkin
20th Century Fox

Coruscant is one of the more fascinating places in the Star Wars universe. The planet-wide city was only teased in The Phantom Menace, with sweeping wide shots of the upper levels and several interior scenes of the Jedi Temple.

With Attack of the Clones, however, the vast expanse of the city's many levels was explored further.

Although the CGI in this scene would appear somewhat dated for a live-action film, it was cutting edge for 2002. Most importantly, it created an immersive experience, as we saw two Jedi partake in a high-speed chase to capture a mysterious bounty hunter.

In terms of realism this scene is somewhat lacking, but there aren't many scenes that light a fire in your imagination like this. And really, that's the purpose of CGI.

As the chase descended into the dystopian cityscape, the world came alive. The lower levels were inundated with smog, aliens and Death Stick dealers. What it amounted to was a Neo-noir cityscape somewhere between Blade Runner and the Fifth Element - it was brilliant world building.


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