10 Best Cliffhanger Endings In Recent Films

potc kraken Usually films have a beginning, middle and end. That is pretty much the way it works. But sometimes films know they have a sequel coming, or are just the first part of a grander story to tell. This leaves room for those irritating, tantalising twists at the end, the type of endings that leave you wanting more. Obviously the main objective of this is to pile as many viewers into the cinema for the next installment, but when done well can leave the weary audience shocked or exciting. These endings can kill off a character, change up the facts and leave a burning question in ours minds: What happens next? In recent times, where certain franchises are safe for another sequel, cliffhanger endings have become a more common sight, so for this list we're taking a look at post-2000 films and their ingenious ending.

10. X2/X-Men 2 - Is Jean Alive?

movie-nerd-jean-grey-returnThe Film: Superhero seconds seem to be a major success no matter what time period you look at. Batman Returns, Superman 2 , The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, Hellboy: The Golden Army, Blade 2, the list goes on. Of course, there are a few hitches in this pattern (Looking at you, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) but for the most part it seems we can€™t get enough of superhero films. One such super-sequel is X-Men 2/X2. With a staggeringly impressive returning cast list and an intelligent plot mixing flawlessly entertaining action and sharp dialogue, Bryan Singer crafted all the ingredients for the perfect sequel. The Plot: After the mutant mansion is attacked by bad-guy-in-a-suit William Stryker€™s soldiers and telepathic Professor Xavier€™s ultra-powerful machine Cerebro is hijacked. At a secret military base, Xavier is forced to use his machine to telepathically execute all the mutants in the world, but the X-Men are soon at the scene to save him. The Cliffhanger: After breaking out from Stryker€™s facility and foiling his mutant genocide plans, the X-Men find their escape hampered by their ailing jet. Jean Grey sacrifices herself to save them all, staying behind to drown beneath a flooding dam after using her telekinetic powers to protect the jet. Meanwhile, the mutant vs. human debate still continues, ever closer to the brink of war. The cliffhanger really kicks in as a faint bird passes across the water - was it to become The Phoenix of the comics? The Result: Jean survives her deep sea diving experience but has unlocked a new level of power she cannot control, finding herself committing evil acts without remorse or constraint, and does indeed become Phoenix. Mutants are now being €˜cured€™, which the evil Magneto does not approve of, and the real war begins in the entertaining, if not heavily flawed final act of the trilogy.
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