10 Best ‘Dead And I Know It’ Moments In Zombie Movie History

The very best moments of realisation before your favourite characters bite the big one.

Day Of The Dead
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There’s so many deaths in zombie movies, we know this. The whole premise is that there’s dead people everywhere who you need to kill again. This being said, you would be surprised about how few of these deaths were remotely interesting and how few people actually get a few moments to see their death coming.

For the most part, you get sucked into a horde of zombies and that’s it: you die in a pile of sentient bodies, kicking and screaming and having your insides put outside of you. Delightful.

It’s not necessarily boring, and there’s plenty of great films with deaths that follow this formula - but sometimes you need a little extra spice.

And if it’s spice you want, we’ve got heroic self-sacrifice in the face of inevitable death, cussing out the zombies as if they could possibly understand or care and even a zombified sock puppet!

Whether it’s a death at the hands of the zombies or one that is related to the beasts because of the universe they exist in, there are some deaths that give us more than just a delicious bit of gore. And for that, we are thankful.

10. Linda - Evil Dead 2

Day Of The Dead
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In some ways, by the time Ash has Linda’s head trapped in a vice and her body sliced down the middle on the floor, she’s already dead - in the traditional sense that is. However, her second death is probably more interesting than her first, because when possessed Linda realises that she is at Ash’s mercy she tries a clever tactic.

The ranting, possessed versions of the characters are impossible to feel bad about killing because they are so evidently evil, bloodthirsty and gross. In her messed up state, Linda clearly realises this and instead, when she sees that her death is probably imminent, she reverts back to a presentation of her previous innocent self, crying and howling in front of a very distressed Ash. She cries out over and over that she loves him, tears in her eyes and her face looking the most human it has in a while.

It’s a cool moment because it’s always fun to see monsters take a complete change of tack, especially when it turns out to just not work at all and for all her efforts she gets a chainsaw to the skull. Sorry dead-Linda, you tried to be clever but that’s just not going to cut it (no pun intended).


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