10 Best Death Scenes In Recent Horror Movies

The gnarliest and most creative death scenes in recent horror movies.

fear street 1994

You won't find many horror movies that don't feature death, because what's more horrifying than the threat of losing one's life and entering the eternal abyss?

An entire cinematic business model is built around filmmakers dreaming up creatively disgusting death scenes - such is the template of the slasher movie which attracts so many millions of people to cinemas around the world.

It all plays into our collective morbid curiosity about death, for sure, giving audiences a cathartic release while also allowing them to admire the incredible craftwork that goes into creating truly memorable death scenes.

And over the last year-or-so, these are the 10 horror movie deaths that have stuck in the mind above all others.

Whether brutally violent or simply ingeniously conceived, these death scenes were disturbing, bloody, hilarious, and weird enough that surely nobody who's ever seen them will soon forget them.

A great death scene can bring meaning and iconic status to a character or a story, and that's most certainly the case in these 10 new horror movies. And the best part? Most of these films have several other neato death scenes also worth watching...

10. Wine Bottle Shoved Down The Throat - Freaky

fear street 1994

Christopher Landon's body-swap slasher-comedy is packed to the gills with memorably ridiculous death scenes, serving as a nod to the creatively disgusting murder set-pieces in the Friday the 13th movies.

Yet Freaky also gets its very best kill out of the way in its opening sequence, when the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) hunts down a gang of teenagers, before cornering one of them, Isaac (Nicholas Stargel), in a wine cellar.

The Butcher grabs a wine bottle and shoves it down the poor kid's throat, causing a vile bulge to protrude from his neck.

As Isaac chokes on the bottle, the Butcher finishes the job by smacking Isaac's jaw shut, sending the bottle's glass splintering through his throat in a bloody mess.

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