10 Best Directors That Have Never Won An Oscar

Some of the best directors ever have never actually won Best Director.

New Line Cinema

The Academy Awards makes some goofs from time to time (fairly often, some would argue), but they still have considerable clout. Winning an Oscar is one of the most prestigious awards in filmmaking, and it’s a travesty that these ten legendary filmmakers have never won one.

Directors tend to be involved in lots of other movies behind the scenes, so any wins they may have snagged for producing et cetera have been discounted here. Likewise, while their movies may have won in other categories, this is strictly about that Best Director statuette.

Between them, they’ve made so many iconic movies, many of which have become definitive movies in their genre, year or even decade. Quite how some of them were passed over for Best Director is unbelievable.

Their legacy will last regardless of how many or how few awards they get, but it still seems unfair that this lot are missing out. Frankly, in some cases it feels like a bad joke.

Honourable mention here should go to Martin Scorsese too. The seminal filmmaker was ignored by the Academy for decades, before finally getting some recognition for The Departed in 2006.


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