10 Best Dragons In Film & TV

There’s plenty of these mythical beasts on screen, but who’s the very best?


Dragons are an unavoidable part of pop culture. No longer just constrained to fantasy or medieval mythology, dragons are some of the most recognisable magical creatures. It’s no surprise then that plenty of TV shows and movies have used dragons down the years.

The idea of dragons has stood for centuries, so it’s always interesting to see fictional worlds put their own fresh spin on things. Some of the dragons here make up the supporting cast, while others are front and centre, driving the narrative. Heroes, villains and everything in between all get a look in here.

The gaming world is ripe with dragons too, with the likes of Spyro and Dragon Age doing their bit, but they’ve been left out here. Spyro aside, dragons are often bosses, to be praised for their originality and difficulty. It’s just a different ball park to how TV or film dragons operate.

Whether they be cute, cuddly companions or brutal beasts, dragons are rarely boring. There’s some classic dragons in here and some newer ones switching up tropes too.

Whatever kind of character you like, there’s probably a dragon out there for you.


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