10 Best Easter Eggs Hidden On DVD Menus

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There's no denying that the golden age of DVD is long over. Gone are the halcyon days where movie studios would put colossal amounts of time and effort into assembling home video releases that were absolutely teeming with content.

With DVD enjoying near-universal adoption throughout the early-to-mid 2000s, studios not only gathered immense amounts of behind-the-scenes footage for fans to salivate over, but spared no expense crafting glossy DVD menus and sometimes even including snazzy Easter eggs just for the hell of it.

Even with the enormous convenience that streaming and downloads afford film buffs nowadays, those raised in the DVD era will likely feel at least a little nostalgic for the days where picking up a movie on disc really felt like an event, especially with how common - and how awesome - Easter eggs were on hit movie DVDs.

And two decades on from the format's inception, these are among the cleverest and most unforgettable Easter eggs the medium has delivered.

Of course, if you had a half-decent DVD player it was always possible to just cheat by scrubbing through every piece of video on the disc, but where's the fun in that?

From awesome hidden gag reels and clips to new material created specifically for the DVD and even awesome new ways to view the movies, these are 10 of the most awesome Easter eggs hidden on DVD menus...


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