10 Best Enemy Team-Up Moments In Movies

2. Apollo Trains Rocky - Rocky III

Pulp Fiction Marsellus Wallace Butch Coolidge

It's the film that not only gave us Eye of the Tiger and Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips, but also one of the most well-plotted enemy team-ups in all of film.

In his third outing, Rocky Balboa is hit with a metaphorical one-two punch when he loses to Clubber Lang and watches his manager Mickey die all within the same night.

Naturally, this takes quite the toll on Philly's favourite son, who is desperate need of some motivation. Enter his old rival, Apollo Creed.

Having gone to battle in the previous two movies, Creed agrees to help Rocky train for his rematch with Lang in exchange for a favour. Rocky accepts and the two go on a montage to end all montages in preparation for the fight.

Watching these two once-bitter enemies come together is really emotional and a fantastic piece of long-term storytelling. It's a fascinating direction in which to take both characters and gives the film its fantastic ending; Rocky accepting Apollo's request for a rematch, this time as friends.

Unfortunately, it also sets in motion the tragic events of Rocky IV. We won't spoil it, but just have some tissues ready when you watch it.


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