10 Best Female Directors Working Today

10. Lynn Shelton

Lynn SheltonBest Film: Your Sister's Sister (2012) Female directors like Lynn Shelton, Katie Aselton, and Lake Bell have benefited from the emergence of the so-called "Mumblecore" movement of quick, often scriptless films done for very cheap. Away from studio pressures, Lynn Shelton's work stands out as a balance between the nitty-gritty restless digital aesthetic of Mumblecore and more contemplative dramatic filmmaking. Having directed episodes of Mad Men and New Girl as well as four films since 2008 (including the upcoming Touchy Feely), Shelton is quickly becoming one of the most industrious female directors in the business. With excellent films including Your Sister's Sister and 2009's Humpday she has shown that she has a unique voice and she hopefully will have a lasting career in directing.

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