10 Best Fight Scenes In Comic Book Movies

Superhero fights these days are brutal, bloody and brilliant.

Wolverine Vs X24

Everyone loves a good fight scene, right? Good going against evil, or sometimes even two good guys duking it out over a difference of opinion. And these days, with cinemas bursting at the seams with fantastic comic book movies, there's so many great ones to choose from. While there's a lot more heart and craft in the characterisation of the Marvel & DC silver screen supers than ever before, the focal point of many of their movies is still a good old-fashioned fight scene.

Because this is strictly about fights, there's no place for Avengers' iconic Battle For New York, seeing as it's a sprawling action sequence featuring lots of mini fights, escapes and rescues from across NYC. There's also no place for the new young X-Men movies either. No particular reason; they're just not very good.

While gunplay and superpowers aren't a disqualifier here, the list does give credence to close quarters combat (that is what a fight is, after all). With that in mind, get ready to relive some of the most exciting action sequences in modern movies as we track every punch, kick and headbutt from our costumed heroes.

10. Sin City - Deadly Little Miho

Wolverine Vs X24
Troublemaker Studios

Kicking it off with a non-Marvel/DC entry, though they do make up the remainder of the list. Still, it felt right to have at least one representing the also rans, with Dark Horse's Sin City taking the spot. Across both this and the so-so sequel, A Dame To Kill For, there's a lot of blood spraying action, but nothing quite captured Frank Miller's comic book as well as Deadly Little Miho.

A skilled samurai in her troupe of prostitute assassins, Miho never says a word across either movie. First introduced when her throwing star slices off Jackie Boy's hand, she then leaps onto his car killing two henchmen. The shot of her stabbing through the roof and impaling one of their eyeballs especially feels like a frame ripped right out of Miller's noir opus.

Even in a movie dripping with cool, Miho's killing of Jackie Boy tops the lot. After tricking him into slipping on his severed hand (the nearby throwing star lodging in his butt cheek as he falls), she then blocks the barrel of his gun so it backfires and slams between his own forehead. He's still not quite dead, so Miho 'makes a Pez dispenser out of him'.

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