10 Best Film Theories You Need To Watch

Pennywise, Batman and Harry Potter all walk into a bar...

Marty McFly Dies

You might already be aware of WhatCulture's sibling YouTube channel ThatFilmTheory, but if you're not, you're missing out on a treat. Or lots of treats, carefully packaged in high-production videos released periodically and starring some of your favourite WhatCulture personalities.

ThatFilmTheory is an opportunity for WhatCulture's writers - like myself - to dig a little deeper and explore films on a level that shorter videos just can't cope with. And that means we can explore some of the most compelling, sometimes unanswered questions in movie history. Want to know why Woody was so reluctant to move on from Andy in Toy Story? Had any burning questions about Pennywise you've not quite been able to answer? Or are you simply keen to listen to some charismatic presenters talk about some of your favourite films in near-obsessive detail? Well, TFT is the channel for you.

To trumpet for the channel a little more, we're celebrating 10 of the best videos put out under the ThatFilmTheory banner so far. For more like this, be sure to subscribe to ThatFilmTheory.

10. Marty McFly Dies THREE Times In Back To The Future

Have you ever wondered how it is that Doc Brown manages to get to Marty McFly JUST in the nick of time in Back To The Future a few times? Well, what if he was using the time machine all along to fix his own problems too? You know, like the times he DIDN'T get there in time...?

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