10 Best Films Of 2020 (So Far)

The movies that had you laughing, crying, and saying 'what the **** was that?!"


I don't need to tell you that it's been a weird year for movies. All you need to do is remember that, due to everything that's currently happening in the world, Dolittle remains one the highest grossing movies of the year so far - and that's a film that lost its studio $100 million.

While the theatrical experience has come to a standstill however, that hasn't stopped great movies finding their way to audiences all the same. Streaming platforms have continued to keep people entertained and deliver some cracking films on the regular, while early home releases for the year's biggest flicks have resulted in titles that otherwise might have been delayed being embraced by audiences.

It is true that so far it's been the high-profile stinkers that have taken up most of the headlines, but there's been a wide array of great movies dropping over the first half of 2020 that deserve to be championed. From daring Indies and international gems to inventive Hollywood blockbusters and killer comedies, these are the movies that have defined the year so far.

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