10 Best Horror Movie Characters Who Appear In Only One Scene

9. Yoga Pants - The Hunt

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The Hunt is the most recent movie on this list, so if you are afraid of spoiling it for yourself, then be wary of this entry, as discussing this character requires some big spoilers.

This 2022 action-horror hybrid opens with a pretty subversive approach. You're introduced to the main concept (i.e. social elites hunting "degenerates") and then placed into the hands of Yoga Pants, a young woman who awakes in a forest alongside a bunch of strangers.

It's easy to assume that this girl will be the main character, mainly because she is played by Emma Roberts. It makes perfect sense, as Roberts is an actor with noticeable star power and a bit of edge. She will surely prove herself, rise to the occasion and, oh, dear god, she just got shot in the head in her first scene! What?

Yes, the film gets off on introducing you to characters who you think will be important, only to have them meet a bloody end. Yoga Pants is the first example of this, as her shockingly dramatic (and quick) demise is a hilarious signal of how deadly this movie will be.

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