10 Best Horror Movie Shower Scenes

9. Evil Dead

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College
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Just hearing the words "remake", "reboot", "reimagining", or "recalibration: is enough to put a cold shiver down the spine of most horror fans.

For decades now, horror has so often been lambasted for just how many times a cash cow is drained, with a once great or original premise revisited time and time again in the form of sequels, prequels and just complete redoes of the movie that started it all.

So, it's a refreshing change when a remake comes along and is genuinely impressive, putting together a fresh spin that makes it stand out as its own beast while simultaneously being a welcome part of the existing IP. And in the case of Fede Alvarez's 2013 Evil Dead, many were left shocked as just how damn good the picture was.

Bringing drugs and addiction into the frame, the Evil Dead do-over was a revelation, particularly at a time when numerous other remakes disappointed and were left to feel like needless shells of what had come before.

One of the many gnarly scenes dotted throughout Alvarez's Evil Dead - and a scene original to this film - saw Jane Levy's Mia stood under a shower head as she looks to wash away the grim and gory fallout of addiction and demonic possession.

What makes this scene particularly wince-inducing, though, is that Mia has scolding water raining down on her, while she just stands there as her skin begins to blister and burn - before she ultimately slumps into a heap.

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