10 Best Horror Movies Of 2013

The best of a bad bunch...

2013 was a poor year for horror movie releases, with the highest attention paid to remakes like Carrie and Evil Dead, and while they weren't necessarily bad films, they are hardly bringing anything new to the horror film. There were no movies released that will be considered classics of the genre in the years to come. Even the decent films like The Conjuring and Mama are unlikely to go down in history. Big films such as The Purge, and perhaps the most anticipated film of the year World War Z - were a let down. The horror movie industry seems to be in a state of flux. The emphasis this year was on supernatural horror and the torture flicks that have been so beloved of horror film directors these past years, seems to have disappeared. James 'Saw' Wan, one of the biggest names in the horror film industry, spent the year distancing himself from his former gory and sadistic past by working on Insidious 2 and The Conjuring. Both films relied on implied violence and they possessed a lack of gore and violence, which marked a turn to good old horror film-making. I was personally not blown away by any horror movies in 2013, there was a drought and I found it really hard to conjure up much enthusiasm about any of the films. Obviously everyone has different tastes and opinions, so please share your ideas below.

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