10 Best Horror Movies Of The Decade

The biggest, the boldest, and the most brilliant entries horror has to offer.

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Ten years can change a lot of things. I mean, the start of the 2010s has bought about everything from the rise and then fall of Star Wars to Disney owning every film company under the sun and probably our souls too, as film has changed about as much as the ice caps have during the past decade.

And as transformative as ever, rumbling around like old Frankenstein's monster brought back from the dead, is the horror genre. We've watched the post apocalyptic wasteland of zombie film turn into a renaissance of arty, slow-burn titles, with serious contenders put back on the cinematic map by the evolution.

Whether its establishing new names in directors like Ari Aster, Jordan Peele, and Mike Flanagan, or bringing focus back to timeless practical effects instead of janky CGI, the 2010s have thrown some serious firecrackers into the ring when it comes to horror.

A decade is a pretty massive time frame, so it's fortunate we've got some massive movies to match. These are the scariest, most gruesome, and downright important titles of the past ten years: so let's get celebrating the best of the bloody bunch.


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