10 Best Horror Movies With A Supernatural Twist Ending

The supernatural lurks around every corner!

Billy Society
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Picture the scene; you're watching a realistic movie with a grounded plot, characters, and setting. Everything is running smoothly when BAM, supernatural hijinks suddenly ensue. Is this kind of plot twist something you're familiar with? Well, whether you are or aren't, it's certainly a well the horror genre has drawn from time and time again.

Part of what makes horror such an exciting medium is that it defies your expectations. Even if you think you know what's going on, there's still a good chance the whole thing will flip on you and become something else entirely. Sometimes, that's through a character reveal or an unexpected death, but other times, it's a complete switch-up of the genre.

There have been a few horror films that present themselves as entirely realistic, only to introduce supernatural elements as the film progresses, blindsiding you completely. The following ten movies are ones that prided themselves on these shocking reveals, as they had you going in the first half until the real horror started.


This list will, naturally, contain major spoilers for every film discussed. You have been warned!

10. Apostle

Billy Society

Imagine if The Wicker Man had a baby with Silent Hill, and you might get a semblance of what Apostle has in store for you. However, while it's easy to compare this movie to others, it does stand on its own two feet - two very disturbing feet, that is.

The film follows a man named Thomas (Dan Stevens) who travels to a remote Welsh island populated by a cult to rescue his sister. Whilst there, he begins to sense that the cult's leader, Malcolm (Michael Sheen), is hiding a dark secret about the island.

It's eventually revealed that something unnatural is going on, as the island houses a deity imprisoned in tree roots who requires blood sacrifices to keep the land fertile. Who in the hell was expecting that?

This happens roughly midway through the film, so you can tell from that point on that it's a supernatural flick despite the initial ambiguity. But there's one last twist in the climax. After killing the island's Goddess and freeing her from her suffering, Thomas fuses with the island and becomes the new supernatural guardian.

Um, okay.

This is a fantastic horror flick, but one that most viewers are repeatedly blindsided by.


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