10 Best Horror Romances

There's no better time to connect than when you're about to die.

Horror Romances

Love is a strange thing. Whether it's a home grown relationship that has persevered through centuries or just a good old fashioned cult indoctrination, finding the one for you can happen at the strangest of times. Just ask those that get thrown into the depths of a horror movie - despite having to fight death off at every opportunity, almost no-one has a problem with getting laid.

In fact, there's no time better to get it on for these characters than when they're covered in each others insides (and not in the good way), with some of the most lasting depictions of romance born in a genre that showers everyone in blood and guts on the regular. Whether it's young, impassioned love or committed couples forced to face their darkest demons, there's no doubt in these movies that love is in the air, romance is undead, and monsters really aren't all that scary if you can bang them.

Bringing just treats and no tricks, these ten couples prove even the most depraved movies can still have a heart: they just must rip it out and eat it along the way...

10. Warm Bodies

Horror Romances
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Coming at a time when zombie movies had largely overstayed their welcome, Warm Bodies strived to do something a little different with the genre, but was ignored and then outcast by the worlds' sheer annoyance at being faced with yet another undead film in 2013. That's not to say Warm Bodies isn't a good movie though, as it really does make a case for its existence by creating a unique world where true love is the antidote to zombie-ism, focussing on Nicholas Hoult spending time with a human girl that transforms his rather sickly pallor into that of a real life boy.

The romance between the two is unconventionally sweet, playing out as a horror-comedy that puts its faith in Hoult's perspective rather than from a human angle. Really, considering that in essence it's one big sell for necrophilia fixing the world's problems, Warm Bodies is a surprisingly heart-warming movie, and a thoroughly enjoyable time throughout. There's a joke in there somewhere for romance geting your pulse racing.

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