10 Best Horror Westerns

9. Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk Skull
RLJ Entertainment

The questionable politics of director Craig S Zahler aside, 2015's Bone Tomahwak is an undeniably thrilling, intense, and unforgettably gory addition to the Western horror sub genre.

This grisly cannibal horror from 2015 fuses Western tropes with horror movie gore, taking the wise tact of leaving its more over-the-top elements until the closing act.

This meditatively paced film takes its time to get going, gradually building tensions between its ensemble cast of townspeople as they set out to save one of their number from monstrous mutants living outside the border of their makeshift community.

Outside of a violent and tense opening sequence, much of Bone Tomahawk's action plays out like a standard Western more than a horror film as Matthew Fox's intense local and Patrick Wilson's more level-headed deputy clash whilst on the trail of these largely unseen monsters.

Then the viewer finally gets a glimpse inside the villain's cave home, and the film's closing chapter turns into an intense Hills Have Eyes style siege horror as our heroes attempt to shoot and slice their bloody way to freedom.


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