10 Best "I Want" Songs In Animated Films

Who sang it best?


A staple of most musicals, there will be a moment where the protagonist expresses, through song, his or her desire to achieve bigger and better things in their dismal or otherwise ordinary life. It gives them the opportunity to establish their character, to provide a motivation for their actions and – if the songs are excellently written – a reason for the audience to care about them and their ensuing journey ahead.

Like their real life counterparts, animated heroes and heroines have goals and dreams that extend beyond the confines of their worlds. Their objective forms a large part of the narrative, and they just have to let the audience know it through song. If the words “I want” does not make an appearance in the lyrics, a variant will surely be sung to communicate the character’s intentions.

Coupled together with gorgeous animation and the right vocals (and the occasional choreography), the “I Want” song can be an enjoyable, earworm-worthy performance that successfully draws viewers into the film’s plot. These musical numbers have become synonymous with Disney films, but other animated offerings over the years have also brought out some classic hits of their own.


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