10 Best Last Minute Replacements For Actors In Major Movies

Things were almost so different.

Back To The Future Michael J Fox Eric Stoltz

Despite how much money is at stake in the film industry, it's surprising just how often plans change at the very last minute, especially when it comes to the names and faces starring in a movie.

While there are countless stories of films that had to settle for less-than actors after more talented performers dropped out - Sofia Coppola replacing Winona Ryder in The Godfather Part III being perhaps the most damning example - every so often these 11th-hour replacements can actually be for the better.

Movie studios unfortunately didn't have the luxury of time when re-casting these roles, largely due to unforeseen circumstances or an after-the-fact realisation that the actor just wasn't right for the role.

Plans were quickly changed, replacements were flown to the set as fast as possible and...it was absolutely the right decision all things considered.

It's tough these days to even entertain the possibility of these roles being played by the original casting choice - or anyone else at all in some cases - and the test of time has made it abundantly clear they made the right call...


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