10 Best Last Minute Replacements For Actors In Major Movies

9. Christopher Plummer Over Kevin Spacey (All The Money In The World)

All The Money In The World Christopher Plummer Kevin Spacey

Ridley Scott's biographical thriller was filmed during summer 2017, with Kevin Spacey spending just 10 days on set to portray elderly patriarch J. Paul Getty, under a layer of heavy makeup of course.

The film's PR campaign was nuked, however, when sexual abuse allegations surrounding Spacey surfaced, and Scott made the executive decision to cut him from the film entirely. The director quickly recast the role with his original choice Christopher Plummer, with $10 million worth of re-shoots starting just 5 weeks before the film hit cinemas.

It was ultimately a bold choice for the better: the movie was able to turn a PR nightmare into a positive industry statement about shunning predatory behaviour, and the movie ultimately had an actual old man playing Getty rather than a young(er) A-lister under distracting prosthetics.

The film is pretty much just fine, but Plummer ended up scooping a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his impressive work. The movie as a whole, meanwhile, is destined to be remembered positively as Hollywood's first production to take a radical stand following the onset of the #MeToo movement.


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