10 Best MCU Scenes Only In Trailers

Where did these scenes go?

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

The trailers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe get every comic book fan buzzing, not just for the movies themselves but for specific moments. The second you saw Iron Man wearing the Hulkbuster in the Age of Ultron TV spot, you knew he was going to throw down with the not-so jolly green giant. Even though we saw Doctor Octopus in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, it was still a beautiful moment to see the tentacled supervillain in the actual movie.

But there are times where the MCU don't pan out the way we expected. Sometimes, the trailer scene which we were most excited about is absent from the movie. There all sorts of reasons why this can happen. More often than not, the director realised during post-production that the story works better without the scene in question. Other times, a sequence is deliberately altered for the promos and TV spots to scrub out spoilers.

Although this is a great technique to hide key plot points, it can be annoying. If you're a fanboy, it can be infuriating to sit through a three-hour Marvel film, only to learn that a shot, line, or an entire character from the trailer has been removed.

10. The Norn - Avengers: Age Of Ultron

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness
Marvel Studios

Although the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer got viewers hyped, it also left a lot of people bewildered. Even though the promotions showed Hulk ransacking a city and our heroes battling Ultron drones, the one shot that got everyone talking was of a bald woman looming inside a cave. Despite endless speculation, nobody had a clue who she was or how she would factor into the story.

And if you thought watching the movie would clarify the situation, guess again. To everyone's surprise, the mysterious lady wasn't in Age of Ultron! Because she appears in front of the same pool Thor uses for his vision, some suspected she was an Asgardian.

This hypothesis is true... kinda. At one point, the God of Thunder was meant to seek council from an Asgardian soothsayer called The Norn. The Norn would possess Thor's body after he stepped into the pool, allowing him to make sense of his vision.

When this set-up didn't work, the director simplified the script, removing The Norn altogether. Even though the character was superfluous, it would've been cool to see Thor interacting with The Norn, considering how little the Asgardian superhero features in the movie.


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