10 Best Meet The Real Villain Moments In Movie History

8. We Have Just Lost Cabin Pressure - Fight Club

Marta Knives Out

David Fincher's masterful mystery-thriller Fight Club seems to make it pretty clear from its opening scene that the primary antagonist is going to be Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt).

With his gun placed in the mouth of Edward Norton's unnamed Narrator, while the Narrator speaks of Tyler's plan to bomb a series of downtown buildings, there doesn't seem to be much room for ambiguity.

But of course, this in medias res scene is removed entirely from its ultimate context, as it's revealed in act three that, in fact, Tyler Durden doesn't really exist.

Or rather, Tyler is a dissociated personality within the Narrator's mind, and the final confrontation teased at the start of the film is effectively the internal struggle between these two personalities playing out.

And so in reality, the Narrator is himself the villain - but then again, also not. The situation finally appears to resolve itself at film's end when the Narrator shoots a hole through his own cheek, tricking his brain into perceiving Tyler as "dead."

As well-known as the twist may be today, who the hell saw it coming back in 1999?

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