10 Best Movie Cameos Of 2018 (So Far)

Brad Pitt outta nowhere.

Brad Pitt Deadpool 2

Who doesn't love a cameo? When they're played right, cameos can totally perk up a movie, by catching audiences completely unaware and proving hilarious, shocking or even hilariously shocking.

In 2018, these are most certainly the 10 cameos you won't soon forget. From surprise appearances by beloved pop-culture icons, to random A-list stars showing up in wildly unexpected movies and departed characters getting fan-service revivals, these cameos are among the most memorable and awesome parts of their respective films.

There's still plenty of the year left to go, of course, but with summer blockbuster season winding down, it's fair to say we've probably seen most of 2018's big-budget, high-profile cameos already. And boy, they sure delivered.

While none of these cameos get many points for their subtlety or restraint - not that we'd want that - all of them were ludicrously entertaining and well worth all the effort. Good luck topping them in the sequels, though...


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