10 Best Movie Characters Not Introduced Until The End

Not showing up until the final act took nothing away from the quality of these performances.

1917 Benedict Cumberbatch
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It is no mean feat constructing and bringing any memorable cinematic character to life, let alone one who doesn't appear until the movie reaches its conclusion.

Only appearing in a film's climactic scenes means that the actors who have been charged with embodying these characters have less time to work with - and subsequently - less time to deliver a performance worthy of note. This is particularly true of films that feature ensemble casts, as this makes it even easier for one to get lost in what swiftly becomes a muddled sea of A-list faces. While an increased run-time may help to provide for more artistic freedom, it simply does not change the fact that the most impressionable characters are the ones who feature from the very beginning.

Accordingly, it speaks volumes to the inherent quality of a few select performances - who did not appear until the final sequences of their respective movies - that they were able to produce such a memorable turn in the short stretch of time that they had to work with. These characters have left an indelible impression on viewers over the years through a shameless exploitation of every human emotion in the book, the extent of which is genuinely staggering when one considers that they were not featured in proceedings from the get go.

10. Kincade - Skyfall

1917 Benedict Cumberbatch
MGM/Columbia Pictures

In a film steeped with mystery surrounding 007's past, it makes sense that the human best served to provide insight on the man himself doesn't show up until events immediately preceding the last showdown of 2012's blockbuster outing Skyfall.

Portrayed by the late great British character actor Albert Finney, Kincade is the gamekeeper of the titular childhood home of James Bond, where Bond and M choose to take a final stand against Raoul Silva. A long and secluded existence in the Scottish Highlands might have robbed many of their taste for adventure but evidently not Kincade; the gamekeeper gleefully sets about assisting Bond in setting up a variety of delightful booby traps for the inevitable arrival of Silva's heavily armed forces.

Bond's pleas to leave the fighting for him fall on deaf ears and the old man takes part in the defense of Skyfall with his trusty shotgun. "Welcome to Scotland" is the last thing several of Silva's thugs hear before being dispatched by Kincade and the elderly Scotsman also helps get "Emma" to safety after she is wounded in the battle. Additionally, any character who invites James Bond "try and stop me, you jumped up little sh*t" is a character clearly worth of further examination.

Despite only featuring briefly in the crowning sequences, viewers won't forget the formidable Kincade in a hurry.


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