10 Best Movie Deaths Of 2018

The year where a giant gorilla ate Malin Åkerman.

Rampage George Malin Akerman Death
Warner Bros.

Death is the great equaliser among humanity: it comes for everyone eventually, and in art it can be an easy way to generate high-drama and wring tears from your audience.

Death is such a commonplace aspect of cinema that it doesn't register much of a reaction most of the time: if some generic goon gets a PG-13 bullet to the head in an action movie, who's gonna care?

But every so often, a film serves up a cinematic demise evocative, artful or brilliantly gory enough that it gives audiences a moment for pause, to soak in the enormity of what they've just witnessed.

Or maybe they just saw a giant CGI gorilla eat a woman and had to stop themselves from hollering loudly in the cinema.

Whatever the reaction, these 10 movie deaths represent the most creative, revolting and straight-up awesome screen send-offs from the last 12 months. As the saying goes - you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl...


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