10 Best Movie Deaths Of 2019

Killer tattoos, exploding humans, bear costumes... Hollywood's gone crazy this year.

Columbia Pictures

There aren't many movies in existence that don't feature somebody dying. Whether it's a random background extra, the big bad villain or even the main character themselves, most big screen stories usually involve some sort of death.

Because it's such a common occurrence it's easy to feel desensitised to it, especially when movies like Star Wars show entire planets being destroyed in an almost throwaway manner. Sure, it may provide decent spectacle, but a side effect of this flippancy is that it's extremely hard to capture a visceral and evocative death scene.

Hard... but not impossible. On the whole, 2019 has served up a number of standout fatalities that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled, from beloved superheroes paying the ultimate price, to a popular children's TV presenter caught on the bad side of a zombie invasion.

So, let's get all morbid and applaud the filmmakers who were able to turn death into art, sending their characters off in a variety of creative, disturbing and surprising - but above all else, memorable - ways across the last year of film.


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