10 Best Movie End Credits Ever

The movie ain't over yet.

Pretty much any time a movie does something different than the usual, boring, white-on-black credits, it's totally welcome, and while this usually doesn't go beyond a minute or two of snazzy, stylished CGI titles, sometimes filmmakers will dare to do more.

It's not often that a film's closing credits deliver truly show-stopping moments that prove as entertaining - if not more so - than the main movie itself, and so these 10 examples are the most rare exceptions.

These 10 films, most of them acclaimed and popular movies regardless, nevertheless went the extra mile with their credits roll, rewarding viewers who stayed in their seats with outrageously funny new gags, all-timer blooper reels, heaps of lore-expanding material, and perhaps even an added emotional gut-punch.

Above all else, these scenes enhance the already mighty entertainment value of their respective films, while making it just a little more likely you'll actually pay attention to the thousands of names whizzing past your eyes.

A movie's closing credits need to do a hell of a lot to be even remotely memorable, and these films crafted their final moments with just as much care as they did the "actual" movie itself...

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