10 Best Movie Plot Twists Of 2015

The opposite of what M. Night Shyamalan does, then.

Cinema has always thrived on its ability to surprise audiences, and nothing surprises quite like a plot twist, turning a story on its head and exposing new and unexpected layers and angles built into the narrative. You know, a moment so shocking and surprising that it changes the way you feel about everything that came before it. 2015 was no stranger to cinematic plot twists of both the horribly misguided and inarguably great varieties. Whilst a lot of last year's movies suffered in their attempts to throw in a mindless or ill-judged plot twist (and you can read about the worst of the bunch here), there were also a good number of films that thrived on their twists and turns, serving not only to make the movies in question better, but a lot more memorable, too. Here, then, are the 10 best plot twists of 2015 - the ones that got lodged in your brain for days afterwards, or prompted you to revisit the movies in question as soon as possible. Please be warned: this article contains heavy spoilers. Don€™t read onwards if you€™re the sort of person who goes crazy over the revealing of major plot details, okay?

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