10 Best Movie Plot Twists Of 2015

8. Abe Lucas Falls Down An Elevator Shaft - Irrational Man

Talk about a quick exit. Woody Allen's latest film is basically a hodgepodge of some of his older, better works, but it still goes out with something like a bang (or a thump). Irrational Man tells the story of Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix), a philosophy professor in the midst of an existential crisis, who suddenly finds himself liberated when he decides to help out a random woman by killing a corrupt Judge who is making her life a misery. Caught up in the fray is the beautiful Jill Pollard (Emma Stone), one of Abe's students - and part-time lover - who discovers what he's done and threatens to turn him in if he doesn't do it himself. In the end, Abe realises that he must kill Jill, too, if he wants to remain free. In the film's unexpected climax, then, Abe attempts to push Jill down an elevator shaft, only for the attempt to go incredibly wrong: she manages to hold on, whilst Abe slips on a flashlight that falls out of Jill's bag - one that he won her at a carnival, no less - and plummets to his death in her place. It's the best part of the movie, no doubt, and a funny twist.
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