10 Best Movie Sequels That Start IMMEDIATELY After The Last Film's Ending

These awesome movie sequels picked right up where they previously left off!

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Momentum is a glorious ol' thing.

When you have some, after accumulating it over a short or significant length of time, that feeling of firing on all cylinders when in the thick of a hard day's graft or even just an unusually long spell sat in front of your console can be the stuff of magic.

So, it's not too hard to understand why many a big screen sequel has made the rather bright decision to launch right back into the thick of the action that came before it during the closing stages of its predecessor. By keeping firm hold of that mighty momentum that earned the flick a sequel in the first place, fans typically feel rewarded for taking the time to sit through that last offering and don't have to waste their energy on trying to fill in the blanks that tend to come with a jump in time between features.

From MCU mega movies dumping us back in the deep end following a game-changing post-credit scene, to the instant consequences of a gruelling grudge match being delivered without skipping a beat, each of these movie sequels seamlessly kept the party going strong.

10. The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

Last Jedi
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Though your writer could likely sit here for days if tasked with going into detail about everything Peter Jackson's return to Middle-earth got heartbreakingly wrong, the handling of the transition from the second to third and final flick of The Hobbit trilogy stands as one of the few real shining lights of the prequel series.

With the formidable Smaug ultimately breaking loose from The Lonely Mountain and declaring, "I am fire. I am death!" as a horrified Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves watch on in the last hurrah of The Desolation of Smaug, The Battle of the Five Armies delves straight back into the intense cliffhanger from minute one.

Swooping over the extremely vulnerable Laketown, a mesmerising scene which many would class as the true peak of this trilogy - far better than the CGI overload that was the last outing's fumbled conclusion - unfolded as Benedict Cumberbatch's volatile dragon incinerates all in his way in magnificent fashion.

It's one of the few times during the Hobbit flicks that the aforementioned computer generated work compliments the live action sets and performers to great effect. So, it's just a shame it all went a bit t*ts up following on from Smaug's demise, eh?

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