10 Best Movie Trailers Of 2018

The trailers that were better than most full-length films released this year.

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Regardless what corner of the internet you venture too at this time of the year, you're sure to find somebody screaming about what their favorite or least favorite media was from this past year, as we all attempt to cleanse our palettes and look forward to the brand new year ahead of us.

But in this rush of 'best of' lists, one thing that may get overlooked is the truth that 2018 may have been the best year for artistic, well-crafted trailers in years. From audience's first looks at some of 2018's biggest films, to early marketing for films that won't be hitting theaters until 2019, movie trailers have had a truly remarkable year.

Even with late-in-the-game additions like the masterful trailer for Jordan Peele's Us, 2018 has consistently delivered incredibly well-made trailers that go above and beyond the norm...


10. Vice


The first trailer for director Adam McKay's political dramedy biopic did an excellent job of not only flooring audiences across the globe with their first look at Christian Bale's latest I-can't-believe-that's-actually-him physical transformation but also in selling the film as an experience, first and foremost.

From the use of The Killers' The Man as the soundtrack to featuring brief yet effective visual nods to such infamous Cheney moments as the war in Iraq or him shooting a fellow hunter in the face, this trailer does a remarkable job of capturing the kind of cacophonous chaos that those who lived through W. and Cheney's terms will remember all too well.

Simultaneously, well-timed edits and craftsmanship choices, such as the music all dropping out just in time for Bale to deliver the "come to a different understanding" line, perfectly sell McKay's now-trademark style as a director. As director Boots Riley recently said of McKay's style;

"In Vice, he doesn't just break the 4th wall- he breaks it and comes and sits in the seat next to you with popcorn and hot sauce."

This trailer is just about the best two-minute encapsulation of all of that one could possibly hope for.


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