10 Best Movie Twists You Genuinely Never Saw Coming

Nobody saw these mind-blowing plot twists coming.

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Plot twists can be a wonderful thing in movies - when they're genuinely surprising yet in a way that doesn't feel forced or contradictory to the established facts, they can elevate a great film to sure classic status.

At the same time a lot of twists don't work, whether because they betray everything that came before, or they're simply too predictable to land effectively.

These 10 movies certainly didn't have either of those problems, though, as each remains one of the best and most surprising you're ever likely to see.

Even many great plot twists can dance within the realm of predictability, but these reveals and rug-pulls were all, one way or another, totally jaw-dropping.

Whether in horror movies, thrillers, action flicks, or even rom-coms of all things, these twists were ingeniously crafted to throw audiences off and ensure they didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of figuring things out.

These twists required the writers, directors, and actors to all be at the top of their respective games, and that they most certainly were. If you guessed any of these twists ahead of time, you're probably lying...

10. Hannah Is Cal's Daughter - Crazy, Stupid, Love

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The inherent genius of the big plot twist in Crazy, Stupid, Love is that nobody really went into the star-studded rom-com expecting there to be a rug-pull at all.

Steve Carell stars as Cal, a recently separated man who has a chance encounter with serial womaniser Jacob (Ryan Gosling), who vows to coach him in the art of picking up women.

All the while, Jacob has found himself smitten with a woman, Hannah (Emma Stone), enough that he begins to question his promiscuous lifestyle and consider a possible monogamous future with her.

The two stories seem basically unrelated until, late in the film, Hannah brings Jacob home to meet her parents, where we learn that Hannah is in fact Cal's daughter.

Hilarity, disbelief, and eventually anger follow, as Cal struggles to reconcile that the womaniser he's been hanging out with is dating his own daughter.

A fight even breaks out at the gathering with the police being called, but Cal eventually gives his blessing for Jacob and Hannah's relationship.

If you saw this movie in a packed cinema on opening weekend, you'll surely remember the visceral, uproarious laughter from the assembled masses. Rom-coms rarely, if ever, produce this sort of audience response, and certainly not because of an ingeniously deployed plot twist.


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