10 Best Movie Vampires

They're not all Dracula, we promise.

Those bloody Twilight films have ruined vampires for all of us. With each passing year, its become increasingly difficult to recall a vampire film that was genuinely scary. As successful as Stephenie Meyer's tales of love between a girl and a vampire have become, the fantastical nature of those films have distorted the image of what vampires used to be. They weren't always cute, desirable and sexy, they weren't concerned with befriending humans and they definitely didn't show an excessive amount of emotion. No, vampires used to be terrifying entities that only cared about humanity in the capacity of seeing them as walking containers for their food. They weren't interested in vampire/werewolf wars or trying to integrate themselves into human society à la True Blood: their only motive was survival, fine dining and preservation. With the release of Dracula Untold now upon us, it seems as though we'll finally be returning to the roots of what made the mythological monster so memorable in the first place, but until then, we'll just have to make do with a nostalgic look back at some of cinema's most memorable vampires. They're not all Dracula, we promise.

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