10 Best Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

The best of a jam-packed year of cinema so far.

Beau Is Afraid Joaquin Phoenix

2023 has been one hell of a year for cinema so far, as Hollywood's ongoing post-pandemic recovery continues and the slate gets back to a healthier, more populated norm.

Whether you've been craving action-packed blockbusters, glossy prestige films, or innovative low-fi indies, 2023 has delivered in spades over its first six months, enough that singling out just 10 of the best movies sure isn't easy.

But from what we've seen this year so far, these are the 10 movies that, above all others, you absolutely, positively need to see.

From sequels which somehow delivered best-of-series results to classy dramas that might be touting awards by year's end, and one of the boldest, most insane feats of cinema of the last few years, these 10 films are 2023's most entertaining, artistic, surprising, and just downright great.

While this list will surely look a little different in another six months, it'll certainly take some doing to knock some of these all-time bangers out of the running.

For now, walk don't run to catch these movies as soon as you can - assuming you haven't already, of course...

10. Air

Beau Is Afraid Joaquin Phoenix

An origin story for a shoe doesn't sound like a recipe for a great movie, but as ever, it comes down to the script, the filmmaker, and the cast at the center. In all those areas, Air passes with flying colours.

Even if you don't give a damn about basketball or Michael Jordan's iconic Air Jordan shoes, there's plenty to enjoy in this witty, light-on-its-feet drama about how the shoe paved the way for athletes en masse to reap greater profits from their image.

Ben Affleck's direction isn't flashy but approximates the mid-'80s setting perfectly, while the ensemble cast - especially Matt Damon, Affleck, and Viola Davis - are terrific, and the earnest tone impressively avoids making the whole thing feel like mere capitalist back-patting.

As well as this movie plays to broad audiences, it goes without saying that sports fans and those who actually own some Air Jordans will especially eat this up like catnip.


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