10 Best Movies Starring Game Of Thrones Actors

Is that Cersei Lannister's face covered in scars?!

Dredd Lena Headey

Reflecting back on the many characters in Game Of Thrones, it's fair to say that they have all transformed completely since the show first began (assuming, of course, they have survived up to this point).

One of the great things about Game Of Thrones is the way in which the characters undergo huge transformations as the world around them changes too - characters you thought were villains turn out to be far more noble than you realised, while cowards become heroes and allegiances constantly shift. Trying to second guess where they might go next is pretty much futile.

The cast of Game Of Thrones have done an incredible job of bringing George R. R. Martin's characters to life, and the performances have been uniformly excellent across the board. That said, it's fascinating to see these talented stars taking on other roles, stretching their abilities and showing a different side at odds with the ones we're familiar with from the television series.

The following list covers ten of the very best movies starring Game Of Thrones actors - from Sean Bean to Peter Dinklage, these are altogether different roles proving that they don't have to be in and around Westeros to be great.


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