10 Best Movies Starring The Parks And Recreation Cast

Treat yo self by watching any of these gems!


Many comedy shows live and die by their casting, and happily in the case of Parks and Recreation, they climbed to the top of the mountain with their extraordinary collection of actors. The roles in the show ended up feeling like a family, and not just exclusively in the world it's set in. They felt like people audiences could genuinely relate to, and this came down to the wonderful writing and superb chemistry between the leading figures.

Outside the tale of Pawnee, these actors have gone on to do some very fantastic projects. There truly isn't a weak link amongst the cast, as all of them have had great careers before, during, and after Parks and Rec. The talented performers have been able to carve out identities for themselves, and all have remained close to the show, but not been suffocated by it.

It's often refreshing to see an actor coming from a sitcom format show into the mainstream, and the following movies prove how these actors have found themselves there. By looking at what they have done outside of Parks and Rec, we can appreciate what the show did for their career and visa versa.


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