10 Best Movies Where Everyone Dies

9. This Is The End

Sunshine Cillian Murphy
Mandate Pictures

A rare comedy in this category of film, This is the End is a big old mates fest in the world of cinema - literally as well as figuratively. When James Franco decides to hold a party for the celebrity elite of Hollywood, an apocalyptic event soon cuts the celebrations short. Trapped in his sprawling home and terrified of the demons outside, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson must try and survive as demons run amok and cataclysmic events unfold.

Despite their best efforts, everyone does indeed end up dead, and we can assume that it's the same for the world over. By sacrificing their lives in selfless ways, the group learns they can earn a place in heaven instead of being condemned to being eaten alive by Danny McBride and his gimp Channing Tatum on earth by the end of the film - and all but James Franco manage to make the trip to the sky.

Satan gets his d*ck cut off, John Hill gets possessed, and Pineapple Express gets its spiritual sequel played out on screen, amongst many other ridiculous and fantastic scenarios.

Rogan and co live for films where they can just do what the f*ck they want, and This is the End might just be the epitome of that. The Backstreet Boys concert in heaven is more than enough to prove it.


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