10 Best Non-Christmas Christmas Movies

So, is Die Hard a Christmas film? 

Die Hard
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What makes a movie a Christmas movie? That question is easy to answer when you are talking about movies like It's A Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation or... A Christmas Movie. For other films, it may not be as obvious, which is why there are numerous Reddit threads and bloodied fists & noses over whether or not one particular flick is a Christmas movie or not.

For a movie to be considered a Christmas movie, it can't simply take place during the holiday or feature it prominently... it has to be a major aspect of the film. For this list, the movies are something else.

None of the movies listed here are considered to be classic "Christmas Movies", but thanks to their setting and the impact they had when they were released, there's little argument these films are Christmas movies.

Whether their primary focus is action, adventure, or science-fiction, these movies are traditionally known for their Christmas spirit. Let us know in the comments if you have always thought of these movies as X-Mas flicks or if we missed your favorite!

10. Go (1999)

Die Hard
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You know what I like about Christmas? The surprises. You get this box, and you’re sure of what’s inside. You shake it, weigh it. You’re convinced you have it pegged. No doubt in your mind. But then you open it and it’s different.

Doug Liman's Go is probably one of those movies you've never heard of, but really need to check out. If you are one of the rarities of people who sat down and watched this not-so-Christmas, Christmas classic when it debuted in 1999, you know it as an edgy cult classic that falls right into the category of non-Christmas Christmas movies.

Go is about a young woman working in a supermarket who falls into the world of drug sales amidst cops, drug dealers, and wild and crazy characters. It's one of those movies that covers several main characters in a vignette-style common during the late '90s, but does so in a comprehensive and interesting manner.

The film featured the amazing talent of a young Jay Mohr, Katie Holmes, Timothy Olyphant, Yaye Diggs, and Sarah Polley in a movie that did horribly at the box office, but critics ended up loving it.

In terms of Christmas, the holiday is expressed all over the place in the film. One of the most disturbing scenes takes place at a Christmas dinner/pyramid scheme marketing ploy. By the end of the film, the holiday transitions into New Year's as a means of moving the story forward, but Christmas featured throughout as a backdrop interweaving the story.

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