10 Best Opening Movie Scenes Of All Time (According To Reddit)

9. Lord Of War

Heath Ledger Joker The Dark Knight bank heist opening
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Lord Of War is a decent movie that people rarely talk about, but when they do, the discussion usually revolves around one specific scene: its opening.

The film kicks off with the striking image of Nicolas Cage's lead character stood in a field of bullets, before transitioning to a remarkable credits sequence which tracks the life of a bullet. We start in a factory - where the bullet is produced and shipped - and eventually end up in the barrel of a gun, before the bullet is fired right into a child's head, and the scene slams to black.

As Reddit user AnotherPipeGuy points out, the scene is engaging and fun to watch at first, as the bullet moves through production. But as it continues on, the mood slowly changes until that final, emotional punch, where we're shown exactly what that single bullet is capable of.

In other words, this is one of those scenes that tells a gripping story all by itself, and with some impressive effects work bringing the whole thing to life in a convincing way, the sequence is impossible to forget.


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