10 Best Performances In Harry Potter

10. Richard Harris – Albus Dumbledore

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Albus Dumbledore remains one of Rowling’s greatest creations. His wisdom, power, and authority were unmatched by any other individual, and his death was one of the most moving scenes in the entire saga.

Though Michael Gambon’s performance as the legendary wizard was perfectly admirable, he never quite captured the essence of Dumbledore in the way Richard Harris did.

Harris carried a constant aura of wisdom that was uncannily similar to Rowling’s depiction in the novels. He also excelled when it came to the more tender scenes with Harry. In particular, his delivery during the scene with the Mirror of Erised was a beautiful piece of acting.

Sadly, Harris died just before the release of The Chamber of Secrets, yet despite only being featured in two films, Harris’s performance remains the best version of Dumbledore to have been put to screen so far.

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