10 Best PG-13 Horror Films

10. The Sixth Sense

Buena Vista Pictures

As if solely to flex on the premise of this list, infamous dud director/ occasional instant classic helmer M Night Shyamalan’s blockbuster mystery The Sixth Sense doesn't just prove that a PG-13 horror can, in fact, prove terrifying.

Instead the filmmaker goes one further and proves that a PG-13 horror which was inspired by a PG horror series, RL Stine's Goosebumps, can still make for pant-s****ing terror (or pant-jizzing horror, in the case of the Lonely Island).

This sombre, scary Haley Joel Osment vehicle remains the gold standard against which any future PG-13 horrors are measured. The simple story of a troubled psychologist who helps a young boy cope with his unwanted ability to see the dead, the film's infamous twist still packs a hell of a punch almost two decades later.

But it's the terrifying brief appearance by future O.C star Mischa Barton as an ailing ghost girl which assures that this one earns a place on this list, as the horror would be nowhere near as effective without this shocking scene which somehow made its way past censors in 1999.


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