10 Best Road Trip Horror Movies

9. Detour

Southbound movie
Svensk Filmindustri

This Norwegian horror/thriller - originally titled Snarveien - is a paranoid look at how a minor change in your travel plans can turn deadly. It takes you on a journey of twists and turns, morphing the simple set-up into a horrifying examination of human curiosities and violence.

Detour follows a married couple driving back to Norway, who get stopped by a police officer and instructed to take a detour into a dark forest. Whilst on this road they end up stranded, becoming suspicious of an ill-tempered local and even discovering a traumatised young woman in the woods. Soon the real reason they've been sent down this dark and twisted route becomes clear, as it's revealed that these horrifying events are being streamed online as part of a snuff film.

The movie is terrifying, thanks to many aspects, with one of the most prevalent being the leading performances from Marte Germaine Christensen and Sondre Krogtoft Larsen. They take you on a roller coaster ride, as you quickly fall for their chemistry as a couple, only to see the gradual descent into chaos and violence cause them both to become strained and terrified.

Additionally, the focus on live-streaming makes the film feel ahead of its time, as the exploration of the dark web and the sick pleasures of anonymous internet users is a scathing look at what you can find online.


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