10 Best Sci-Fi Horror Films To Watch Halloween 2020

Apparently, these people weren't aware that no one can hear you scream in space.

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If there's one thing that humans are afraid of, it's the unknown. And what could possibly be more unknown than the infinite vastness of outer space?

A genre which first developed in the literature of the 1800s, sci-fi has been used to terrify audiences since the earliest days of cinema. Whether it be malevolent aliens, the rise of omnipresent technology or science experiments gone horribly wrong, the combination of horror and sci-fi has created some iconic horror films forever etched into the public consciousness.

From the campy B movies of the 1950s, to the critical and commercial success of Alien (1979) and beyond, sci-fi horror is a mainstay of cinema. There's just something so enthralling about seeing a pack of terrified astronauts try and survive an encounter with a bloodthirsty alien, or to see a scientist wrestle with the consequences of their arrogance and whatever experiment of theirs has begun killing/maiming/infecting/resurrecting any innocent bystanders.

With so much variety between these films, it's so easy to get lost within this sub-genre, but with that in mind, here is a selection of a few films that would be fun to watch this Halloween season.

Minor spoilers ahead, you have been warned.


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